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Oppenheimer: A Haunting Tale of Nuclear Legacy and AI Worries

Director Christopher Nolan sees “Oppenheimer,” a new film about the invention of the atomic bomb, as a “warning” to the world amid our struggles with artificial intelligence. Nolan believes that much of the apprehension surrounding technology is influenced by the legacy of physicist Robert Oppenheimer, who played a pivotal role in creating nuclear weapons during World War II.

The film “Oppenheimer” delves deeply into the principles of quantum physics, where the act of observing can alter the outcome of an experiment. Through skillful editing and a thought-provoking script, the movie constantly reframes events, challenging our perceptions and expanding our understanding of character motivations. While the atom bomb and its impact on the war are discussed, the film focuses more on the human experience and the complexities of decision-making. It vividly portrays the horrors of the atom bomb but refrains from depicting the actual attacks on Japan, instead presenting Oppenheimer’s anguished imagining of the suffering. The movie refuses to take a definitive stance on the necessity of the atomic attacks, leaving the interpretation open to the audience. Embracing the freedom of artistic expression, “Oppenheimer” weaves together the lives of historical figures in a daring and metaphorical manner, delving into the mysteries of human nature and the far-reaching consequences of individual and societal choices.

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